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Jun 1, 2020

#Black Lives Matter!!!

Jenni and JiJi of the, Sorry Not Sorry Podcast, join the show to teach us how to be gracious in our everyday lives.  We find out how to seduce anyone with the "look".  Also we're looking for investors because Andrew, Jenni, JiJi, and McNeil are going to be starting a "find your partner" relationship business!

Jionne & Jenni are the dynamic duo from the “Sorry not Sorry” podcast musing on pop culture to politics and everything in-between. Voiced from the lens of two diverse New York City millennials, this podcast is full of gems, jokes, and no apologies.


Jionne McMichael, is a 27-year-old creative butterfly from Brooklyn, NY. She is the founder of Culture Connection Media INC and the creator of Sorry Not Sorry Podcast. She is also a seasoned member of the Beyhive and a tequila lover. 

Jenni Lewis-Ford is a 36-year-old communication professional, published author, and founder of The Chix Talk Radio Network. She’s a proud margarita advocate and public speaker passionate about driving cultural change through inclusion, gratitude, and humor.