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Nov 26, 2018

One again... for the first time, Michelle Osborne joins the show to share her journey from preacher to comedian/social work.  We discuss dating (pick-up lines), Jesus, and plagiarism.  I can't promise that this episode will convert you to a christian but it will make you laugh!  

Nov 19, 2018

Long time friend Heather Gordy joins the show to discuss her career adjustment and discovering her passion in the process.  Heather is a Yoga Instructor, Healer and overall exceptional human being.  Listen as we talk about how much better she's doing since we stopped talking years ago :)

*Also there's a surprise this...

Nov 12, 2018

My homie Dink Kearney joined the show to discuss how far he has come in his life. Dink is now a successful comedian, mental health counselor, author of the book "The Sparrow Will Fly", and creator of Liquor House Comedy.  The road he took to all his accomplishments wasn't easy but he always stayed determined.  This was...