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Feb 10, 2020

Our guest for episode 63 of the Humor In Mistakes Podcast is fellow comedian Khari Reid, who used to walk around with anger that could rival the Incredible Hulk!  Khari even got mad and tried to fight a random guy on the street who said he looked like Lil John.  

One. This was during the reign of the Chappelle Show!

Two. Khari had dreads! ( hmmm....I wonder if Khari was wearing shades that day?)

The theme of this episode is learning to focus on the things we can control. With the sudden and unexpected death of his fiance, Khari used anger and drugs as a coping mechanism.  However, during a fit of road rage, Khari was able to realize that he like who he was becoming and it was up to him to make positive changes in his life.  

We hope you enjoy the episode Lil' Mistakers!