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Oct 14, 2019

Sumanth Mukkala was on the show back in March 2018, when the "Humor In Mistakes Podcast" was called "The Keepin It McReal Show". During that time, I wasn't releasing any episodes that I recorded because I didn't think I was good at interviewing.  The truth is... I wasn't even decent.  But it doesn't matter how good you are.  Whenever you first start something new, you'll probably be bad at it.  Do it anyways! You'll get better!

Arriving to America from India, Sumanth had high expectations from his parents to be a Doctor or an Engineer.  Sumanth learned to be become his own man by trying hard, never giving up, and putting himself in positions of discomfort.  He went as far as to dye part of his hair blonde!  Talk about freedom! Ironically, can't visit his parents in India until he gets his natural hair color back.  Sooo... there's that...

This episode is about taking risks while gaining skills and confidence on your journey of life.